Clients & Services

Who Am I?

I am an award-winning photographer based out of Athens, GA with a range of clients from all over the state and beyond. I have 20 years of experience and can meet virtually any imaging need you have. My work has been licensed by a variety of organizations and I have been hired to craft professional video for advertising and storytelling. I am now offering workshops, and I have several other exciting things in store for 2021. I pride myself in creating beautiful, unique art that can be hung on your wall at home or at your business. I strive to capture a subject in a very unique way that goes far beyond simply taking a photograph. Don’t take my word for it, my ever-growing list of clients should speak volumes.

Why Hire Me?

Simply put: you’re making an investment. I can create images for you that will be truly unique, that will stand the test of time, and that will look just as good on your wall 20 years from now as they do today. If you are going to be looking at something every day, and if you want to display something that your guests will stop and appreciate, then it is worth the money.

There are many photographers out there that can take good photos. Many of them would do a fine job for your needs. But if you are looking for exceptional attention to detail, for artistic images that immediately catch the eye, then I can provide that for you. Many of my photos are actually a blend of 2, 3, 4, or more images that I took at the location. Each image was to expose a certain part of the sky, the foreground, or the subject. I often spend one to two hours editing all of them together into a seamless blend that creates a natural and very high quality image. This results in subtle nuances that you might not immediately recognize, but contribute to the final quality of the image. It also ensures that the images print beautifully and can be enlarged to immense sizes and still look good. Many images will fall apart when they are no longer viewed on Instagram or a laptop screen. Mine will not.

What Can I Do?

My primary specialization is fine-art photography, and that influence can be felt in all of the work that I produce, no matter the reason. Over the past several decades, I have developed an expertise that combines in-camera and post-processing techniques to create beautiful, memorable images. My work has been featured in a variety of publications, both digital and print, as well as won awards in juried art exhibitions. I love to focus on commissioned work which allows me to create an image that is customized for the client. In addition to fine art, I also work in video production, real estate, wedding, and commercial photography.

Professional quality equipment is used for all media production. I have years of experience with aerial photography, and have produced images and video for a variety of clients including Hollywood production companies. 


With thousands of dollars invested in my equipment, I have everything needed to photograph practically every event imaginable. Weddings to parties to corporate events, I can give you a competitive quote and then back it up with the confidence I have gained from photographing almost everything imaginable.

I offer a range of packages that are custom-tailored to the needs of each individual, including digital files, prints, books, and other media. I offer clients the opportunity to download the high-resolution files from the shoot right here on my website, easing access and providing a layer of privacy to ensure these memories are only shared with those who should see them. 


Formerly known as UpAboveGeorgia (it was honestly hard to change the name, as I have had many strangers come up to me and talk about my Instagram), I have a very strong background in aerial photography that has led to many exciting projects over the years. With my FAA certification, I can photograph anything and everything from the air, and the difference I provide is that my photographs jump off the screen or the page due to my expertise in framing, composition, aerial techniques, and post-processing using Lightroom and Photoshop. My photos can be used for print, web, television, and beyond, as they are extremely high-quality. 


I have never really thought of myself as an influencer, but once I passed 10,000 followers on Instagram I started gaining more exposure as well as opportunities. I now have almost 15,000 followers and can use my reach to help showcase your location or business. I can combine my social media presence with my command of digital imaging to bring you not only a bigger audience, but visual content for your website or social media platform.  

Some of my clients