Youtube Channel

Go on a journey with us as we grow and build our new YouTube channel. Along the way, you will learn more about photography and enjoy beautiful scenery from all over the Southeast

After lots of research and watching gobs of videos on YouTube, my buddy Jason and I recognize there is a demand, and a need, for high quality photography education (along with a bit of entertainment) here in the Southeast United States. While pros like Nick Page and Thomas Heaton showcase their skills and natural beauty in other parts of the world, the Southeast needs some love! Jason and I are going to bring that through our new channel and business venture, Appalachian Apertures. Workshops are ongoing, a new website is on the way, and our YouTube channel is live.

Click the link above to subscribe to our channel! It will guarantee that you you will be one of the first to see our new videos on the day they premiere. Beautifully filmed in 4K, you will learn about ways to improve your photography as well as appreciate some of the gorgeous locations that can be found in the Southeastern U.S.