View Finders

Here is a little preview of the first season


Official website for the show:

I am now in the production stage for a new television show, View Finders, which will premiere on Georgia’s PBS station in the spring of 2022. Along with my co-host Jason, I will head out into the gorgeous landscape of Georgia to document the beauty, the history, the ecology, and the geology of this unique state. Throughout our adventures and escapades, Jason and I will take a lot of photos to really showcase the beauty of the Peach State. These adventures will be filmed and edited into 30 minute episodes that will provide a blend of photography, adventure, and education.

We think there is a broad audience for this type of content, as we will talk about the importance of light and compositions when it comes to photography. These are elements that can be used by everyone who want to improve their photographs, even if it is just with a smartphone.

Our goal is to bring this show to Georgia first, but then syndicate it both to a regional and national audience. Our adventures will begin in Georgia, but will expand into other locations that are also rich with beauty and education. We cannot wait to share these episodes with you!